Volunteer Positions

"Adopt a Mom"

Instead of adopting a daughter, a young lady can adopt you. Some of the things included would be to be available for phone calls to talk or give a ride that's outside the bus route, go with her to an appointment, spend quality time together, or something as simple as buying her Chapstick. You will also work with your "Adopted Daughter" by volunteering together at different events we hold though out the year. Click here to see the complete list of events Be the Magic hosts. Click here to read the Adopt-a-Mom Manual and find out more.

Event Volunteer

Get free access to any event Be the Magic hosts by volunteering to work one of the positions for the event. Free t-shirt and lots of awesome company included, too.

Give a Talk/Teach 

Present a seminar to our girls utilizing a special skill. Examples may include budgeting, exercise, nutrition, cooking, car maintenance, tutoring, etc. 

Lead a Series

Called to lead bible study or a series of classes? Come share your knowledge.

Business Admin.  

Answer phone calls, taking memos, light paperwork, mailers, etc.


There are annual spring and fall deep cleaning days along with maintenance of the center and surrounding grounds. Call 920-915-9661 for more details. 

Outside Maintenance

Routine maintenance of the grounds include (depending on the season) snow removal, racking leaves, mowing, tree trimming, etc.


Give rides when needed. For example to and from church, doctors appointments, job interviews, etc.


Cook a Meal

Want to cook dinner for a large group? We will provide the ingredients, the sous chefs, and anything else you may need. 


Volunteer (ladies only) to stay over night and be there for the girls when needed for 1, 2, up to 7 days/nights and stay in a private, on site, suite when our house mom takes vacation and/or sick days. There will be some day time only hours available at various times also.

Volunteer Application

  • Submission of this application will be treated as a signature to the following statement: I understand that an incomplete application may exclude me from consideration. I certify that the answers provided are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I further understand that Be the Magic WILL conduct a background check on me and that I do consent to this. I understand that Be the Magic is not obligated to accept me into their volunteer program and that if accepted they or I may terminate the volunteer agreement at any time. If accepted, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application(s) or interview(s) may result in discharge at any time. I agree to treat all information I may hear, see, read or otherwise acquire highly confidential and I will not reveal or discuss this information outside of my official duties at Be the Magic.