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January 2021 Happy New Years from all of us at […]

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December 2020 Happy Holidays from all of us at Be […]

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November 2020 Be the Magic was chosen for the 2020 […]

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Charity Mikkelson (Left) ~ Board of Directors/Vice President

Center - Stephanie Shantz (Center) ~ Founder/Board of Directors/President

Jeanette Kussow (Right) ~ Board of Directors/Secretary/Treasurer

Stephanie has dreamt, since she was a little girl, that one day she would "have a ranch full of foster kids to love and care for." Be the Magic is realization of that dream.

Charity and Jeanette also have a heart for bettering the lives of others.

Charity has extensive experience with foster children. She has three foster to adoption as well as three biological children whom she and her husband love and adore.

Jeanette has a passion to mentor other young women to succeed in their lives.

Together we are going to help as many young women as we can go confidently into their futures.

Are you a young woman aging out of the foster care system?