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The 5 Year Plan

Mission Statement

To lead, inspire, and mentor young women aging out of the foster care system in a structured, yet loving home environment to embrace their power, purpose, and value, and above all to take responsibility.

Vision Statement

To empower young women aging out of the foster care system to live the lives they love, ignite their passion, and make a positive contribution in the community.


  • Authenticity: Be the Magic remains true to our mission and is open and candid in everything we do, in how we work together with the girls, donors, volunteers, employees, and other stakeholders.

  • Trust: Be the Magic strives to be trustworthy and reliable to encourage strength and respect between all involved.

  • Integrity: Be the Magic upholds itself to strong moral principles and the quality of being honest.

  • Empowerment: Be the Magic challenges (all involved) to the highest level of learning & performance through action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation.

  • Community: Be The Magic will create a culture of collaboration within the organization and with other organizations in the area.

  • Interconnectedness: Be the Magic embraces differences, the equal value of every human being, and the importance of respecting and honoring each person as a whole.

Where is the organization today?

With our 501(c)(3) status being approved at the end of 2018, we have been working to put all the pieces in place to start and grow our nonprofit Be the Magic.

We have a board consisting of Stephanie Shantz as President, Charity Mikkelson as Vice President, and Jeanette Kussow as Secretary and Treasurer. Katrina Willett volunteers her time to put out our monthly newsletter and is in charge of our Social Media. Victoria is an accountant and does our taxes pro bono. Mary Ann Pastor has agreed to sign on for at least a year to be our house mom when we are up and running. She is certified in yoga and will be hosting yoga classes on-site as well. We also have a growing list of volunteers.

We have already implemented several fundraisers to get our name into the community in 2019 by hosting 6 local Brat Frys and a Sip ‘n Paint event. We also applied for five grants; one of which we received a callback, weren’t chosen but were advised to reapply when we had more donations. We were chosen by the King’s Daughters charity event and received $7,000 from their event. Festival Foods also chose Be the Magic as one of its 2020 ICON recipients.

For 2020, we have more fundraisers scheduled including 6 Brat Frys, 2 Sip ‘n Paints, a Scavenger Hunt, and 4 Packer Games. We are planning to apply for at least 10 grants this year.

We have already raised $15,000 and will start identifying specific housing options (to build on land or buy and renovate an existing house/building) once $200,000 is raised.

What specific programs are we going to have? (products, programs, services)

Be the Magic is a 36- to 48-month program for young women ages 18 to 21 who have aged out of foster care. This is designed to change the course of their lives by providing safe living conditions, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and internships, all while being guided by caring role models.

Our initial admission capacity will consist of 6 young women and to this, we will add 4 each year until we have reached a maximum of 30 at any given time.

Each young woman will be required to create a 5-year plan through a course designed by the board of Be the Magic. They will also be required to take classes to learn basic skills such as cooking, doing laundry, handling finances, and self-care. They will also be required to volunteer a minimum of 70 hours per year.

There will also be opportunities to attend classes on various topics such as yoga, gardening, sewing, etc.

After they leave our program, the young women will have the skills needed to become a successful citizen. Be the Magic will still be part of their lives in as much or little as the young woman sees fit. They will continue to be able to attend classes and events. Everything will be laid out in their exit plan. Our community could potentially save thousands of dollars by keeping them from incarceration and/or relying on the welfare system.

How are we going to market this?

We will mainly be marketing to volunteers and donors:

  • We will have an Adopt-A-Mom program where a young woman can “adopt” a volunteer to be their main advocate throughout the program. These “Moms” will build a relationship with the girls and assist them throughout the program as needed.

  • We are also looking for volunteers to help out with other various events, fundraisers, and activities for the house.

  • Donors are also needed (via one-time or recurring donations) to keep the house and program running successfully.


Be the Magic will create a positive impact on the community by developing successful and engaged community members. We will guide young women to hold productive employment and become role models for other girls and young women in the community. The nonprofit aims to prevent these women from becoming a financial burden on the community through the welfare system, substance abuse programs, government assistance, and incarceration. This program also strives to break the cycle and prevent their own children from entering the social services system. There are currently no programs like Be the Magic in the Fox Valley area for young women aging out of the foster care system, so this will fill a much-needed gap in the community.


Be the Magic’s current focus is to raise funds to either build or buy/remodel a home. At least $15,000 has already been raised, and the board will identify specific housing options once $200,000 is raised. To achieve the fundraising goal for housing, brat frys and other fundraising events are executed every year. The team is now pursuing grants and other large donation opportunities to further satisfy our fundraising goal.

Once housing is acquired and ready, annual expenses and income sources have already been identified for financial sustainability. A summary is shown below, and more details can be provided at request.

Startup Costs and First-Year Operating Expenses for Be the Magic, LLC



Earned income $0

   Govt contracts $0

   Product sales $5,000

   Memberships $0

   Fundraisers $15,000

   Interest from investments $50

           Subtotal $20,050


Contributed Income

   State grants $100,000

   Local Grants $100,000

   Foundation grants $100,000

   Corporate Contributors $100,000

   Individual gifts $50,000

   Special events $33,250

           Subtotal $483,250

            Total Income $503,300



   Personnel Expenses

   Salaries $150,000

   Payroll $10,000

   Independent Contractors $2,000

           Subtotal $162,000


Nonpersonnel Expenses

   Building $300,000

   Property taxes $6,300

   Utilities $3,000

   Phone/internet $1,500

   Insurance $2,000

   Office supplies $500

   Program material $2,000

   Local travel $500

   Printing $500

   Furniture $15,000

   Supplies $10,000

           Subtotal $341,300

           Total expenses $503,300

            Balance (between total income and total expenses) $0


Recurring yearly budget (year 2 through 5)



Earned income $0

   Govt contracts $0

   Product sales $1,000

   Memberships $0

   Fundraisers $10,000

   Interest from investments $50

           Subtotal $11,050


Contributed Income

   State grants $25,000

   Local Grants $50,000

   Foundation grants $50,000

   Corporate Contributors $50,000

   Individual gifts $2,250

   Special events $5,000

           Subtotal $182,250

            Total Income $193,300



   Personnel Expenses

   Salaries $150,000

   Payroll $10,000

   Independent Contractors $2,000

           Subtotal $162,000


Nonpersonnel Expenses

   Property taxes $6,300

   Utilities $3,000

   Phone/internet $1,500

   Insurance $2,000

   Office supplies $500

   Program material $2,000

   Local Travel $500

   Printing $500

   Supplies $10,000

           Subtotal $31,300

           Total expenses $193,300

            Balance (between total income and total expenses) $0


Be the Magic is determined to be a pioneer and leader in changing the course of young women’s lives who have aged out of the foster care system by providing housing, healing, and hope. The need for change in Wisconsin’s care of young women who have aged out is unquestionable. Every 52 minutes a kid ages out of the system with nowhere to call home. 7 out of 10 young women who age out will become pregnant before the age of twenty-one. Fifty percent of these young women will have a substance addiction, and twenty-five percent won’t have a high school diploma or GED. Fortunately, Be the Magic not only acknowledges and accepts these challenges but embraces the opportunity to foster this change. The Be the Magic team is truly passionate and dedicated when it comes to helping young women who are aging out receive housing, healing and hope to not only better themselves, but our community and therefore make a positive impact in our world.

In our first two years Be the Magic gathered data, cultivated relationships within the community, developed programs, and hosted fundraisers to establish Be the Magic as a nonprofit worth supporting. Now Be the Magic is at a strategic turning point, with an opportunity to fulfill its financial needs through grants, continued private donations as well as ongoing fundraisers. To implement its strategy and achieve its ultimate vision Be the Magic will continue to work diligently to keep spreading the word of this first of its kind program until all funds are raised, a building is acquired, our programs are in full force, and there is the hustle and bustle of young women working to better their lives in an atmosphere full of hope.

We feel with this practical plan, Be the Magic will succeed, creating a healthier and safer option for young women aging out of foster care who would otherwise have little to no positive options, and therefore over the long run change the course of many young women’s lives. With our combined energies - yours and ours - we can leave a permanent and worthwhile imprint on our community for not only our generation but generations to come.


Phase 1

As Tony Robbins states, "Burn all the boats and get on the island"

Recruit board members

File 1023 to get NP status

Create a Website

Design/sell tee shirts/Create an online store

Start a list of people to donate

Create a Brochure

Professional Pics of Board Members

Create an application for girls to apply/connect to foster care/select 7 initial girls

Create an application for "Moms" to apply

Scope out potential buildings

Weekly Newsletter

Set up first "Mom"/"Daughter" fundraiser

Contact local businesses about food/beds etc to donate

Get in local newspaper/local news

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when 1023 is approved

Continue fundraising until we hit $200,000

Buy building/get up to code/move-in ready

Collect all in-kind Donations (listed on donations page)

Phase 3

House Mom moves in

Line up speakers and classes

Girls move in

Get bus passes

Girls set up with internships at local businesses

Begin in house fundraising by hosting a 5k fun run

Phase 4

Continue fundraising until we reach $60,000 to purchase a 2 bedroom modular home

Get in-kind donations for needed furniture for the home

Welcome kits put together

Choose 4 more girls from the application process

Move-in 4 more girls

Complete phase 4, 5 more times so there are 24 girls living in the modular houses and 6-8 girls living in the main building on Be the Magic property.

Phase 5

Tweak anything necessary to be smooth sailing

Approx 5 years out - take our blue print for success and create new chapters within Wisconsin.

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