The Plan


What we do - To lead, inspire, and mentor young women aging out of the foster care system in a structured, yet loving home environment to embrace their power, purpose and value, and above all take responsibility for their lives.

Why we do it - To empower young women aging out of the foster care system to live the lives they love; igniting their passion to make a positive contribution to the world.

Phase 1

As Tony Robbins states, "Burn all the boats and get on the island"

Recruit board members

File 1023 to get NP status

Create Website

Design/sell tee shirts/Create online store

Start a list of people to donate

Create Brochure

Professional Pics of Board Members

Create application for girls to apply/connect to foster care/select 7 initial girls

Create application for "Moms" to apply

Scope out potential buildings

Weekly Newsletter

Set up first "Mom"/"Daughter" fundraiser

Contact local businesses about food/beds etc to donate

Get in local newspaper/local news

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when 1023 is approved

Continue fundraising til we hit $200,000

Buy building/get up to code/move in ready

Collect all in kind Donations (listed on donations page)

Phase 3

House Mom moves in

Line up speakers and classes

Girls move in

Get bus passes

Girls set up with internships at local businesses

Begin in house fundraising by hosting a 5k fun run

Phase 4

Continue fundraising  til we reach $60,000 to purchase a 2 bedroom modular home

Get in kind donations for needed furniture for the home

Welcome kits put together

Choose 4 more girls from the application process

Move in 4 more girls

Complete phase 4, 5 more times so there are 24 girls living in the modular houses and 6-8 girls living in the main building on Be the Magic property.

Phase 5

Tweak anything necessary to be smooth sailing

Approx 5 years out - take our blue print for success and create new chapters within Wisconsin.