About Be the Magic

The core of Be the Magic is supporting and caring for each young woman as a whole; meaning mind, body, and soul. Below is a list of what Be the Magic has to offer.

Housing - A safe place live for up to three years, rent free.

Transportation - Bus pass is included at no cost to be able to get to and from work as well as events and personal outings. There will also be rides available to and from appointments though "Adopt a Mom".

Food/Meals - There will be always be food in the fridge as well as cupboards thanks to Saint Joe's Pantry. The young women will learn to prepare and cook meals though our speakers and classes. We will also have a group supper Mon-Fri in will there will be a rotating schedule of assigning girls as sou chef for continuous hands on experience. Any left overs will be giving to those who want to reheat and eat another day.

Connection -Plenty of connection will be had through events, "Adopt a Mom", other residents, the house mom, employers and internships. The young ladies will never have to feel alone being surrounded by so many caring people invested in them.

Exercise - There will be a yoga class available every day as well as scheduled instructors to lead different classes like Zumba and P90X. We will also be hosting our own 5k fun runs in which we will all participate and train for.

Inner work- There will be many classes to allow each young lady to release everything they aren't to allow themselves to freely be who they are at their core. There will also be scheduled group meditation/prayer times, a library of books/cds/dvds, and on-line courses to further help with self-rediscovery.

Internships - Each young lady will have the opportunity to internship in a field they wish to pursue. Most will be unpaid, but each is on a case by case basis.

Volunteering - Each young lady is required to volunteer at Be the Magic's events a minimum of 60 hours. This will be a great addition to their resume, will help them feel more connected to the community and be able to feel what it's like to give back.

Speakers/Classes - Several times a month classes are held on location at Be the Magic. Topics will include, but are not limited to self-esteem, inner work, crafting, basic car maintenance, budgeting, self-defense, finance, and cooking.

Finances - Dave Ramsey's course will be available for the girls as well as different speakers who will be brought in though out the year to teach about finances and financial responsibility. Each young lady will be required to pay Be the Magic 35% of their paycheck which will go directly into a savings account in which they will get back when they start their Exit Plan from Be the Magic. Also while residing at be the magic everyone will be accompanied by the house mom or adopted mom to open their own saving account and encouraged to save on their own.

Clothing - Through generous donations of our community and adopted moms, clothing needed is available to the young ladies from undergarments to an outfit for interviews. Our local Community Closet is also available to cover the needs.

Church - Christ the Rock church is a great place to get closer to God and meet like minded people who are growing in Christ. All are welcome to join in Sunday Service as well as their many ongoing classes and groups available though out the year.

"To make the right choice in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this you need to experience solitude because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions." Depok Chopra